OMG, you're fricken visiting my website! This must be so exciting for you!

Anyhoo, my name is Atif Shahnawaz. I'm used to hate travelling because it was so hard to find the kind of coffee I wanted. Spoiled, I know. But then I got into photography and travelling turned into the challenge of trying to get breath-taking shots when I went somewhere. I decided to pack my metal french press and take my camera and coffee on the road with me. 

The Light Boat

Late night in Amsterdam, this boat got in the way of my shot of the canal and created this light show. This was a complete accident. I was going for something totally different. Seriously.  

       Art  Canvas  Metal  Framed  

a bike in Lisboa

Lisbon is a little grungy - I'll grant you that. But that gave it a certain charm of it own.  

        Art   Canvas   Metal   Framed

Number 28 tram

Tram barrels through Libson. These trams are seriously cool and give you a really neat way of seeing the city on the cheap.

     Art   Canvas   Metal   Framed


Damn you Amsterdam! Why are you so gorgeous and why don't I live there?

       Art  Metal  Canvas  Framed